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Step 1 Understanding Financial Planning

At Financial Horizons our role is to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

In assisting you to understand more about the financial planning process, we have detailed each step of the process.

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Step 2 The creation of a complete financial plan

You probably already know that a financial adviser can help you with recommendations on a comprehensive range of investments. Depending on your circumstances, this could include shares, property, bonds and managed funds.

But an adviser can do much more than make investment recommendations. In fact, long-term asset allocation strategies plus technical and tax-effective advice is provided to add significantly more value to your affairs, both throughout your working life and long into retirement.

Importantly, we realise that your plan is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Before beginning to formulate your financial plan, one of our advisers will sit down with you to identify your financial goals and aspirations. We will also want to talk to you about your experience with investments, assist you to understand and learn more about the investment process, and gauge what kind of portfolio you’ll be most comfortable with.



Step 3 Strategies

Depending on your current circumstances and long-term goals, the strategies ultimately recommended could include a combination of the following:

Asset allocation strategies, reviewing your current portfolio of investments against a ideal benchmark portfolio with a mix of asset classes shares, property, bonds and cash – designed to meet your needs.

Tax-effective strategies, including income tax and capital gains tax considerations, as well as potential gearing opportunities.

Superannuation strategies, including contribution and withdrawal advice, rollovers, transition to retirement, plus potential managed and self-managed superannuation opportunities.

Risk management strategies, including insurance and estate planning considerations to ensure your income and assets are properly protected now and in the future.

Social Security strategies, where appropriate, to maximise your income support strategies. We will then combine and address all of these elements in an integrated financial plan designed to help you reach your long-term lifestyle and financial goals. As with any service or advice your financial planner provides, you will be fully informed of all the costs of the service before you make any commitment to proceed.

If you are serious about reaching your long-term lifestyle and financial goals, and you want to make sure you’re looking at all your options, you should talk to a professional financial adviser, and enter a world of financial planning opportunities.



Step 4 Implementation of plan

Once you are comfortable with your financial plan and the recommendations, we will help you with its implementation.

We will provide you with the necessary paperwork and follow up on any outstanding issues.



Step 5 The importance of ongoing service

Every financial plan, no matter how carefully structured, is vulnerable to the effects of change. Changes to your personal circumstances, (for example, retirement or the death of a family member) or changes to the external environment can all affect the currency of your financial plan.

If you’re serious about achieving your financial goals, your initial plan will be just a starting point in a productive, long-term relationship with your financial adviser. To be truly effective, your financial plan must be a living document, changing to reflect your changing priorities, the changing of legislative landscape and the cyclical challenges of the investment markets.

To take the hard work and the guesswork out of keeping your financial plan up-to-date, we can provide you with a regular review schedule and superior advice. At each review, together, we will revisit your goals and priorities in the light of a number of strategic financial planning issues, including tax, superannuation, asset allocation, social security and risk management.

We will discuss the level of service you require and fees involved with that service.