AON Financial Services


Testimonial - Ivor Kay

"At AXA we cherish the relationship we have with AON and Financial Horizons. The two groups have a long history together and we are proud to be associated with them. We look forward to continuing to work with Financial Horizons and assisting them in building their business."


Ivor Kay, AXA

Testimonial - Tania Bagley

"As a business partner I have been extremely impressed with the service they provide to their clients and would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of financial guidance. They are truly a talented group of professionals."

Tania Bagley, Business Development Manager, Aon Master Trust

Testimonial - Susan Storer

"Over the last five years it has been a pleasure to get to know Sara Millard on both a professional & personal level.

Sara has a sound understanding of the financial services industry and is able to offer expert advice which has been developed over a number of years..

Sara & the Team at Financial Horizons work to understand their client‘s needs, delivering professionalism whilst ensuring not to lose the personal touch, catering to the values of each individual."


Susan Storer, Asteron

Testimonials - Anna McLean

"I have known Sara and the Team from Financial Horizons for over 5 years now and found them to be a professional and highly regarded holistic practice that relate well to their clients."


Anna McLean, Comm Insure

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